Small Purchases  

  Les Issambres
The small purchases are made directly in Les Issambres.

You can reach downtown without any problems on foot.

You will find everything that you need for your daily life.

There is
  • a supermarket directly at the sea.

  • in the town hall you can find

  • a post office,

  • banks,

  • a hair cutter,

  • a newspaper shop,

  • a pharmacy,

  • a gas station etc.

  • Since Les Issambres is not purely a holiday place, most shops are also open during winter time.

      Purchases for your breakfast table
    In the morning you can walk to the bakery and pick up some croissants and baguettes.

      Fish Market
    In the harbor of Les Issambres there is sold fresh fish.

    Bigger Purchases  

      Fréjus -Géant-

    For bigger purchases you go to Fréjus.

    You go by car or by bus to Fréjus/St. Raphael.

    Directly at the beach, there is a bus stop.

    At the local entry of Fréjus there is a very big and well equipped supermarket called "Géant".